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    Glamour Nails in Doral, FL is the beauty salon that cares about you! We offer services of Aesthetic Treatments, Nail Spa and Beauty Salon to our clients, in order to feel comfortable in our facilities, providing cleanliness, comfort and good service.
    We are staffed with professionals who have years of experience in the beauty industry. When you come to us, you leave feeling like a better you!
    Our staff is filled with professionals with extensive experience in hair highlights, hair coloring, and haircuts, and our owner brings more than 15 years of industry experience to the job.
    Come on in! Give us a call to schedule an appointment. Our nail salon also welcomes walk-ins!
About nails

Our Services

Hair cut salon
Aesthetic Treatment

by appointment: +1 305 477.3391 - +1 305 850.0440

  1. Basic Facial:
  2. Deep facial: Cleaning collagen veil hydration, frequency & scalp massage
  3. Lymphatic drainage massage: activation of the lymphatic system improving elimination of liquids, facilitating it´s normal evacuation to the venous torrent.
  4. Foot rub
  5. Plaster therapy adjusts and reduce measures
Reduction Treatments
PLAN I: 42 sessions -12 date -1: 30 h. in 3 items
  • 7 Body Wrap.
  • 7 Cavitation
  • 7 Laser lipolysis
  • 7 Radio frequencies
  • 7 Vacuum Therapy
  • 7 Thermal blankets with wrap
PLAN II: 20 sessions -10 date 1 hour:
  • 5 Lipolysis
  • 5 Cavitation’s
  • 5 Wrappers with blanket.
  • 5 Lymphatic drains
PLAN III: 10 sessions -5 appointments 1 hour:
  • 2 manual massages
  • 3 cavitation’s
  • Radiotherapy

Our manicure consists of filing and shaping the free edge, pushing and clipping any nonliving tissue, massaging the hand, and applying fingernail polish. For the best nail spa in the Doral, FL area, come to Tropical Spa and Beauty.


Our pedicure is a cosmetic treatment which consists of filing and shaping the free edge and clipping the nails. Pedicures are done for cosmetic, therapeutic and medical purposes in order to prevent nail diseases and nail disorders.

Body waxing
Beauty Salon

Nails and hair aren't our only specialties. Our beauty salon provides a large variety of aesthetic treatments. You should book with us for waxing hair removal and more. Visit us in Doral, FL today!

  • ❍ REGULAR Manicure / Pedicure
  • ❍ GEL Manicure / Pedicure
  • ❍ GEL Manicure Regular Pedicure
  • ❍ Full set Acrylic regular & GEL
  • ❍ Refill REGULAR
  • ❍ Refill in Gel
  • ❍ Manicure Paraffin
  • ❍ Nail Mirrow – DIP
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2573 NW 79th Ave
Doral, FL 33122

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